Academy of Equine Nursing Technicians

Academy Of Equine Veterinary Nursing Technicians
Veterinary Technician Specialty
Mission Statement

To Advance the education and professional recognition of credentialed equine veterinary technicians who display excellence in and dedication to providing superior nursing care to the equine patient. 

About Our Academy
The Academy of Equine Veterinary Nursing Technicians (AEVNT) is  a credentialing organization designated by the NAVTA credentialing committee to assess a higher level of advanced knowledge and skills in equine nursing and award the credentials VTS-EVN to applicants who succeed in meeting the criteria  though an extensive application and examination. 
A History of the AEVNT

In December of 2008, the AAEVT formed an organizing committee. The committee drafted a proposal that outlined all of the qualifications and experience of the Organizing Committee members, includes a Constitution and Articles of Incorporation as well as Bylaws, and a mission statement. It also included the criteria for membership in the Academy including education, training and experience required to qualify for examination as well as a detailed list of required skills. The proposal was submitted in April 2009 to the NAVTA Board along with letters of support from AAEP and accepted later that year at the AVMA meeting in Seattle. In 2011, the first year of applications were submitted. In December 2011, the 9 organizing committee members along with the first 4 applicants were given the new designation of VTS-EVN. AAEP continues to be our affiliated Veterinary Association in addition to our partnership with AAEVT.
Charter members of the Organizing Committee: Deborah Reeder, RVT, Sheri Miller, LVT, DeeAnn Wilfong, CVT, Amy Butzier, CVT, Sharon Klingler, RVT, Joni Watkins, RVT, Kristi Ely, RVT, Jaime DeFazio, CVT, and Jessie Loberg, CVT.